Crazed Car Reviewer Gets Candid About Ford Escort (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back with a new episode, as Mr. Regular gets candid about the Ford Escort ZX2.

This 2001 model is among the most normal cars this show has ever reviewed, and that’s actually saying a lot. While it’s a Ford that can be modded to just about any owner’s content, it seems as though the owner’s modifications here went a long way in improving functionality rather than appearance. And that’s a-okay, in our book. Better to get from Point A to Point B reliably than to have something gorgeous that dies on you inside six months. Either way, there isn’t as much weirdness in this episode as in most, owing to the relatively candid nature of the review, with Mr. Regular revealing certain details about RCR’s own process, and talking a bit about the owner and how he came to be so interested in Escorts (phrasing). It’s interesting stuff, and well worth checking out. Watch the video below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Gets Candid About Ford Escort (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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