Crazed Car Reviewer Explores Why We Don’t Have Small Trucks Anymore (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back, and this one is actually pretty straightforward, as Mr. Regular explores why we don’t have small pickups in the U.S. anymore.

Of course, exploring why is different from explaining why, as this video is more of an investigation than a mystery solved. But by reviewing the 1991 Nissan D21 Hardbody, Mr. Regular is able to get into just what makes this truck so unique, beyond its “boxy” features or its almost defiantly bland aesthetic. Honestly, this most be the most enthusiastic Mr. Regular has been about any truck in recent memory, declaring that this is “a well-made truck” that “doesn’t feel old when you drive it.” But that doesn’t mean the car is without “sins” — namely, it’s biggest sin, that it’s too small. This dovetails into a bunch of weird analogies about middle school, Saturday nights at the bar, and the aphrodisiac qualities of the 90s. It’s a strange video, but it’s also weirdly informative too. You can watch the full video below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Explores Why We Don't Have Small Trucks Anymore (VIDEO)

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