Crazed Car Reviewer Drives A Subaru Legacy Spec B (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is back to take on another Subaru. In this case, it’s a Subaru Legacy Spec B, which has “all the go, and none of the bro.”

Mr. Regular goes into detail about the car, noting that it’s as fast as a Focus RS but without advertising that it is. Admittedly, the RS will handle better under track conditions, but the Spec B is better for long trips and highway cruising. Of course, as Mr. Regular notes, this is an exceedingly rare car, as just about 500 were made in 2008. So it’s not as if the average person is going to run into a car like this all that often. Still, Mr. Regular seemed to be pretty positive about this car, albeit while interjecting some pretty weird, crazed analogies in there. The less I give away, the better. Just watch the video below:

Crazed Car Reviewer Drives A Subaru Legacy Spec B (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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