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Crafty Dog Finds Clever Way To Escape Cage (VIDEO)

Some dogs are smarter than their owners give them credit for being.

In this video, an adorable, crafty dog from Fort St. James, Canada, manages to escape his cage without his owners being able to figure out how. To get to the bottom of the mystery, the owners set up a hidden camera to catch the dog in the act. What they discover is an escape that would have made Houdini jealous! Although some dogs can’t be left alone in the house without some kind of restraint, lest they make a complete mess or do something that could end up harming them, it’s hard to blame this dog for doing his damndest to get the hell out of that cramped cage. His resiliency is actually kind of inspiring. If you have a goal, keep working at it, and maybe you, too, can break free! (Or something…) You can watch the full video below:

Crafty Dog Finds Clever Way To Escape Cage (VIDEO)

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