Could the Chevy Bolt Be A Tesla Killer? (VIDEO)

Could GM have found the solution to all the competition the auto industry is facing from Tesla? Could the Chevy Bolt be the Tesla Killer?

Bloomberg’s Kyle Stock gets to the bottom of the mystery by visiting a Chevy factory near Detroit, MI, in order to review the 2017 Chevy Bolt, the car that somehow managed to come out a full year before Tesla’s comparable electric car upgrade. What Kyle finds is a car that is by no means perfect, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked. However, while it’s a car that “rides beautifully”, it isn’t exactly “beautiful” due to its “busy design details” filled with cost-cutting “cheap plastic and rubber”. This is without even getting into the extra $750 for a fast-charging port. But if you ignore the looks, Kyle insists there’s no good reason a prospective Tesla buyer shouldn’t consider buying this car. Find out why by watching the review video below:

Could the Chevy Bolt Be A Tesla Killer? (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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