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Corinne Has ‘Surprise’ For Nick Viall In ‘The Bachelor’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Corinne Olympios is emerging as the villain on this season of The Bachelor, with her aggressive approach to getting time with Nick Viall, and her passive-aggressive arguments with the other women. However, she’s also become a focal point of the show with her increasingly outlandish methods of getting Nick’s attention.

In this sneak peek for next Monday’s episode, Corinne has a “surprise” in store for Nick that involves a whole lot of bouncing around in almost no clothes. And, in classic Corrine fashion, the surprise appears to have been set up in such a way that the other women would inevitably witness it, firsthand. Of course, this is less likely to have been Corinne’s idea than that of the producers, who clearly think she’s TV gold, judging from how the narrative pretty much revolves around her. But it’s still making for a devious villain edit for Corinne, just the same. If nothing else, Corinne appears to relish her role on the show. But what comes next for Nick and Corinne? We won’t know until the new episode of The Bachelor airs Monday at 8pm on ABC. But until then, you can check out the sneak peek. Watch the video below:

Corinne Has 'Surprise' For Nick Viall In 'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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