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Corey Kent White and Jacob Rummell sing ‘I Want Crazy’ on The Voice 2015 Battle (VIDEO)

Corey Kent White and Jacob Rummell sang “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Battles on Tuesday, March 10 for Team

Download: Corey Kent White vs Jacob Rummell – I Want Crazy

From our live blog:

Christina liked Jacob’s energy and charisma, whereas she felt Corey screams “Team Blake”. Blake asks what she’d do, and she says she’d go with Corey. Pharrell agrees, and says he feels there’s more of a creative rapport between Corey and Blake, although part of me feels he’s only saying that because he wants Jacob for his team. Adam feels there’s no lack of talent here, but would actually go with Jacob since he navigated the waters between two different styles, in impressive fashion. Blake is surprised everyone is assuming this song is in Corey’s wheelhouse, since he’s more than just a country artist. He notes also that Jacob is a great performer, so it’s a really tough decision for him.


Winner: Corey Kent White

Steal: Pharrell steals Jacob Rummell

Corey Kent White and Jacob Rummell sing 'I Want Crazy' on The Voice 2015 Battle

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