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Controversial X Factor UK Act Fears Public Backlash Will End Career

Ottavio and Bradley were put through to live shows by judge Louis Walsh in the Groups category on The X Factor UK 2016. They were promptly renamed Brattavio, and were sent into preparations for next week’s first live show of the season. However, the flamboyant duo is already worried about what the public backlash will mean for their careers — as well as the career of mentor Walsh!

Long story short: viewers were absolutely livid when Bradley and Ottavio were given a spot in the live shows over Tom and Laura, 4 of Diamonds, Skarl3t, and even boyband Yes Lad. As a result, not only are viewers calling for Bradley and Ottavio’s elimination, they’re calling for Louis’s resignation. What’s crazy in all of this is that the argument could be made that Louis’s other two choices could be considered spot-on, as he put through 5AM (now called “5 After Midnight”) and twin brothers The Brooks (now called Brooks Way). Still, the prevailing sentiment is that Louis is off his rocker, and the knowledge that their presence on the show could potentially cause problems for their mentor has sent Bradley and Ottavio into a tailspin.

A source told The Sun, “Ottavio and Bradley have barely slept since Saturday night, they’re really worried that Louis will be sacked. After it was announced they would be going to live shows, they checked their social media and saw a public backlash against Louis, it’s really bothered them.”

Controversial X Factor UK Act Fears Public Backlash Will End Their Careers

Source: YouTube

The informant would go on to add, “Both Ottavio and Bradly are genuine, caring guys and the thought that Louis is getting abuse because of his decision to put them in the live shows has really upset them. They’ve barely slept at all over the past 48 hours, leaving them exhausted and emotional.”

Of course, Bradley and Ottavio are remaining on the show, but the source claims that both would be absolutely gutted if their advancement caused Louis to lose his job: “They are putting on a brave face in front of the other contestants, but if Louis was to leave the show they would be in bits.”

This is absolutely insane. I’m not big on Bradley and Ottavio either, but some of the outrage has been way too excessive. Hell, one Twitter user (@holley69) wrote to Ottavio and declared, “Suicide was invented for you.” That’s WAY over the line. Not even the worst of the novelty acts on a given season deserve that, even if you do feel the person took the spot of a worthier act. I don’t think many will dispute that one of the other four eliminated acts deserved to go through, but I don’t see how disagreeing with (and even being mad at) Louis Walsh’s decision is in any way a justification for spewing that level of vitriol at two guys who, for all intents and purposes, are just taking advantage of the opportunity in the same way anyone else would. Saying they don’t deserve to be there is a far cry from implying they don’t deserve to be alive.

For what it’s worth, I don’t expect them to last any longer than Diva Fever or Blonde Electra before them, since I really think Honey G is the designated “novelty act who makes it WAY too frickin’ far”. But, at this rate, I’m not sure anything about this season would shock me right now.

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