Conor McGregor Reunites With UFC President Dana White (VIDEO)

UFC Feathwerweight champion Conor McGregor is finally burying the hatchet with UFC president Dana White. The two reunited for the first time since McGregor was booted from the UFC 200 card. And, judging by McGregor’s smiling expression, it seems like the meeting went well.

McGregor and White met at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, where the two greeted one another with a “very aggressive embrace … the kind you could hear from down the hall,” according to a source for TMZ Sports.

The two talked over a private dinner, flanked on either side by several large men — perhaps Rocky and Drago, the bodyguards McGregor hired in response to recent death threats?

No word on what was discussed, but it’s hard to imagine they didn’t talk business. Perhaps they were figuring out how to move forward with a possible Floyd Mayweather fight? Or maybe they were working out how soon McGregor could be back for a rematch with Nate Diaz? If nothing else, it seems like McGregor will have to defend his featherweight title against the winner of the Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar fight at UFC 200 sooner rather than later. But, depending on how that fight goes, the new interim featherweight champion likely won’t be ready for a fight against McGregor until late fall-early winter, at the earliest. So White might as well get McGregor/Diaz II lined up for UFC 201 or 202. I’m guessing things probably went McGregor’s way, judging how cheery he seemed on the way out of the building. Check out the video below:

Conor McGregor Reunites With UFC President Dana White (VIDEO)

But what do you think? Should Conor McGregor get his rematch with Nate Diaz? Or should he be forced to face the winner of Aldo/Edgar first? Is McGregor/Mayweather even a remote possibility at this point? Sound off in the comments!

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