Conor McGregor Refuses To Forfeit Featherweight Belt After UFC 205

UFC president Dana White stated that if featherweight champion Conor McGregor defeats lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, he would have to forfeit one of his belts, most likely his featherweight title. However, McGregor has come out and declared that White will have to “gather an army” to take one of the belts from him. In short, McGregor is refusing to forfeit anything.

Of course, it’s kind of early to be talking about having to forfeit anything, considering it’s not a given that McGregor will defeat Alvarez on November 12 in New York City. But McGregor is feeling the pressure from critics who claim he’s holding the featherweight division hostage. Put plainly, he doesn’t care what anyone says. Sure, he hasn’t defended the featherweight belt since winning it from Jose Aldo last December, but UFC will have to do a lot more than just ask him nicely to hand over the gold.

“They’re going to have to gather an army to try and take one of them (belts) off me, and that’s out straight,” McGregor said at the UFC 205 press conference in Madison Square Garden. “One’s going to be there, one’s going to be there, and I’m going to be picking and choosing who I want to destroy next. And that’s it.”

McGregor would go on to declare that once he wins at UFC 205, “I’m going to wrap one (belt) on one shoulder, and I’m going to wrap the other on the other shoulder, and they’re going to need a f*cking army to come take them belts off me.”

Conor McGregor Refuses To Forfeit Featherweight Belt After UFC 205

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Dana White declined to comment, stating only that “we’ll figure that out when it happens.” But for now, White has bigger problems on his hands, primarily Jose Aldo threatening to go to court to obtain his release from UFC. The former featherweight champion, who’s spent the better part of a year on a redemptive journey towards a rematch with McGregor following his shocking 13-second knockout last year, was absolutely livid when McGregor was once again allowed to go outside the featherweight division to pursue his vanity project of becoming UFC’s first-ever dual title holder. It’s easy to see why Aldo is upset, although it’s unclear how hard he’s going to have to fight to obtain his release. But, for all intents and purposes, Aldo seems to be done with MMA altogether, and not just UFC. I suppose we’ll see how that all turns out in the weeks to come. As for McGregor, I wouldn’t start counting my chickens before they hatch. Alvarez is no slouch. Either way, this should be a great fight.

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