Conor McGregor Officially Pulled from UFC 200 After Shocking Retirement Announcement

Was that retirement announcement from Conor McGregor the real deal? UFC President Dana White confirmed on Sportscenter last night that the current Featherweight champion has been pulled from UFC 200 on July 9. Now, the hunt for a new main event is underway, considering the rematch with Nate Diaz from UFC 196 is now off the table.

However, McGregor wasn’t pulled because of the retirement announcement. Rather, he was pulled due to a violation of the terms of his contract: he wouldn’t fly out to Las Vegas to promote the fight against Diaz. This includes attending the fight press conference, filming ads for the fight, and a photo shoot for other marketing materials like posters and banners.

“Obviously we still have a good relationship with Conor,” White said. “I respect Conor as a fighter and I like him as a person. But you can’t decide not to show up to these things. You have to do it.”

A hopeful White said that McGregor was simply in Iceland training for the fight against Diaz, but he admits that the fighter really could be retired for good. However, no one really knows for sure at this point. Some theorize that McGregor was shaken into considering retirement following the recent death of MMA fighter Joao Carvalho, who died as the result of injuries sustained in a fight in Dublin against McGregor’s teammate, Charlie Ward. Following Carvalho’s death, McGregor made a Facebook post offering his condolences, while also offering his thoughts on the state of combat sports.

“My condolences go out to Joao’s family and his team. Their man was a hell of a fighter and will be sorely missed by all,” McGregor said. “Combat sport is a crazy game and with the recent incident in boxing and now this in MMA, it is a sad time to be a fighter and a fight fan.”

Conor McGregor Officially Pulled from UFC 200 After Shocking Retirement Announcement

Credit: Jeffrey Basinger

It’s hard to believe McGregor is already done at 27, but it could be a hardline negotiating tactic for something like co-promotion or a flat fee, which Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer are theorizing over at F4WOnline. Ultimately, UFC’s priority right now is to find a new fight for Nate Diaz.

What do you think? Is McGregor really retiring or is he trying to negotiate a new deal of some kind? Who should Nate Diaz fight at UFC 200? Sound off in the comments!

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