Confused Ted Cruz Voters Think He Supports Black Lives Matter By Opposing Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz took to the Sunday morning talk shows to denounce Donald Trump for “encouraging people to violence” after a Trump rally in Chicago was postponed when it was mobbed by anti-Trump demonstrators.

It seems straight-forward enough: Cruz is running against Donald Trump for the GOP nomination and he’ll do what he thinks is good for his own campaign. Unfortunately, many conservative voters think that opppsing Trump is defacto support for Black Lives Matter!

Raw Story compiled strong reactions against Cruz on the Internet after his attack on Trump:

“So Ted Cruz blamed Trump for the MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter and all other hate organizing groups protesting in Chicago because Trump stands up for calling things what they are?” blogger Dianne Marshall wrote. “It is now obvious to all that Cruz stands more for the progressive left leaning extreme thinking who stand up in support for those who want to ignore the laws, create strife, spew hate, and destroy America from within.”


Last year, Ted Cruz said the Black Lives Matter were “literally… celebrating the murder of police officers.”

Press play to watch the video below of Ted Cruz’s attacking Trump.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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