‘Community’ Season 6 Premiere Date Announced (VIDEO)

Against all odds, Community managed to get the six seasons its fans have been campaigning for since early into the show’s run. With the sixth season coming to Yahoo!, the primary question remaining would be when new episodes would premiere.

Well, now the official word has rolled in that Community will return for Season 6 on Tuesday, March 17th with two episodes, followed by one episode each week after that. Barring any hiatuses or doubled-up episodes like the premiere, the season six finale will air on June 2nd.

But what’s in store for the new season? Yahoo has released a brief video promo for Community Season Six, featuring creator Dan Harmon and stars Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi, and new cast member Paget Brewster. The gang is back, and they’re making a point of NOT introducing themselves. “You’ve seen us for five seasons. We don’t need to self-promote! I’m just going to stand here and smile!” Yup, Community is back.

However, while the fandom’s rallying cry has been “Six Seasons and a Movie,” there isn’t any word on Yahoo! greenlighting a longer-form, one-off movie for the series. Although Sony execs were, as recently as this past July, expressing interest in pursuing a Community movie. So there’s still hope, particularly if Season Six proves to be a success.

Check out the promo below for what Joel McHale calls “the best show in the history of all viewed anything.”

'Community' Season 6 Premiere Date Announced (VIDEO)

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