Colombian Singer Wows With Snow-Covered Opera on ‘America’s Got Talent 10’ (VIDEO)

Daniella Mass stunned with a snow-covered opera performance of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” on America’s Got Talent 10, “Semi-Final 2”!

So Daniella sings “Crying” by Roy Orbison, but in Spanish, and with an operatic, orchestral arrangement. This brought back memories of the “Llorando” version of this song from the movie Mulholland Drive, which I also adored. But you know what? I liked this one better. Seriously, this was my favorite Daniella Mass performance this season. I had goosebumps through the whole thing. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t single out the production, which had her standing in an icy forest with snowflakes falling, all while wearing a positively stunning white gown (yeah, my crush on Daniella isn’t going anywhere any time soon). I’d buy a studio version of this ASAP. Watch the performance video below:

Colombian Singer Wows With Snow-Covered Opera on 'America's Got Talent 10' (VIDEO)

Judges: Howard jokes about the snow, saying you could choke to death on the snowflakes. Turning his attention to Daniella, however, he says that she has an absolutely beautiful voice, and if she doesn’t get through, it won’t be for lack of trying, but rather because this type of music isn’t as popular as other styles of music in the competition. Heidi agrees, and praises Daniella’s performance. Mel B praises the production, and then tells Daniella she should be proud of her performance. Howie says he’s a huge fan of the song choice as a Roy Orbison fan, but while he wasn’t a big fan of the theatricality, he thought Daniella’s voice was flawless.

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