Colombian Opera Singer Amazes on ‘America’s Got Talent 10’ (VIDEO)

Colombian opera singer Daniella Mass amazed the judges on America’s Got Talent 10, “Live Round 3”!

Daniella sings “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, one of my absolute favorite songs in the known universe. I wasn’t sold on this at first, but she exudes passion in her performance. She literally acts the song out on the stage, and it’s really impressive, because you can hear the emotion in her voice as the song builds. I think this was her best overall performance. But what do you think? Watch the video below:

Colombian Opera Singer Amazes on 'America's Got Talent 10' (VIDEO)

Judges: Howie opens by apologizing for his bulimia crack earlier in the show, stating that he said something stupid, and he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Howie then praises Daniella for her perfect, “penetrating” voice. Mel B and Heidi agree, stating that Daniella was great. Howard, however, thought it was too theatrical, saying that while Daniella delivered a great vocal, it felt too Broadway. Nick doesn’t see how that’s a problem at all, since Broadway is right down the street. Daniella thanks America, and I’m having a hard time concentrating. Daniella is DISTRACTINGLY beautiful.

But what did you think of Daniella Mass? Sound off in the comments!

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