Cody Rhodes Reacts To Controversial Segment About Father on WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes is making a pretty big name for himself on the indies and in Japan since leaving WWE. However, Cody still keeps up with the product, which is why he felt the need to comment on a segment on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw that, to some, came across a bit controversial.

In the segment, Bayley offered a stuffed bear dressed like Dusty Rhodes to the late legend’s son, Goldust. She then let Goldust know how much his father meant to her as she was coming up in NXT. After Bayley left, however, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows appeared, and Anderson proceeded to grab the bear and rip its head off. Needless to say, Cody didn’t take too kindly to seeing a symbolic representation of his late father get decapitated on live TV, and took to Twitter to say as much.

Cody Rhodes Reacts To Controversial Segment About Father on WWE Raw

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While I would argue that this isn’t even in the Top 10 of the most offensive things WWE has done with regards to a late performer (especially when you had Michael Cole making fun of Jerry Lawler’s dead mother in the build to their Wrestlemania match, or CM Punk spreading Paul Bearer’s “ashes” on The Undertaker, or Randy Orton telling Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero was in Hell), it’s clear that the grief is still very fresh for Cody. His father was a man he idolized, and still does, as many sons would if their father were The American Dream. So it’s certainly understandable why he’d be hurt by the segment.

On the other hand, in a different era, this would just be seen as heels getting heat. They do dastardly things that are right on the line of poor taste in order to elicit a reaction, like Ted DiBiase offering a kid money if he could dribble a basketball several times consecutively, and then kicking it away from the kid at the last minute. Or The NWO making fun of Arn Anderson’s retirement speech on Monday Nitro. Granted, that latter segment ended up striking on some real emotions that led to heat backstage, but the point is that the more successful angles have some basis in reality.

Cody Rhodes on Dusty Rhodes Angle

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I would also add that it’s unlikely WWE did this segment without first clearing it with Goldust. After all, that’s his father too, and while WWE has done some pretty lousy things in the past (such as the aforementioned angles with dead legends), I don’t think they would have done this without Dustin Runnels’s approval. Then again, this is the same company that apparently didn’t clear the Reid Flair lines in the Paige/Charlotte feud from last year. So who even knows? Ultimately, no one can tell Cody how to feel about this segment. And even if Cody hadn’t been upset by it, I would think there would be better ways to get heat on Gallows and Anderson than to use a Dusty Rhodes teddy bear.

But what do you think? Is Cody right to be offended, or is he blowing this out of proportion? Sound off in the comments!

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