Cody Rhodes Puts WWE On Blast In Scathing Post-Release Statement

This weekend, Cody Rhodes asked for his release from WWE, and the company granted that request on Sunday afternoon. But Cody promised to deliver an explanation as to why he was leaving WWE. Sure enough, Cody delivered.

In his scathing post-release statement, Cody put WWE on blast, ripping into the head writers, who refused to allow him to ditch the dead-end Stardust gimmick to reclaim his on-screen identity as Cody Rhodes. In particular, Cody points out one unnamed writer who was “too busy hitting on developmental divas” to return any of his calls or emails. This writer is believed to be Ryan Ward, the former NXT head writer who’s been bumped up to the main roster, and who’s had extensive contact with the women’s developmental roster. But, for the most part, the grievances all come down to Cody seeing greater worth in himself than WWE did. In one particularly noteworthy passage, Cody makes an analogy of his plight by saying, “The best actors don’t want lesser roles.”

“My goal in pro wrestling has always been to win the WWE Championship (the one accolade in the game my father never obtained) and for a decade, I tried to convince both Vince and HHH that I could be their star player, their varsity quarterback if you will, but it seems we have reached the point where neither saw that in me,” Cody states. “I sincerely appreciate HHH’s unflinching respect for my father and how he has acted as a custodian of history in honoring him since his passing. He did not owe me that same respect he gave Dream, but I thought I could earn it in time. One of the last discussions we had included him telling me that ‘WWE is a play, and everybody has their role and needs to act it their best.’ All I can think of to say to that is, ‘The best actors don’t want the lesser roles.'”

Cody Rhodes asks for WWE release

Credit: WWE

But Cody is doing his best to look ahead to the future to make his later father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, proud.

“Almost one year ago, the biggest light in my sky was ripped away from me when I lost my father. It’s time for me to try and seek that illumination…that glow that’s still out there. This is not a goodbye. There’s a whole world of film and television and the stage that I might find I have a knack for (maybe I even already got an offer),” Cody writes. “As far as the future is concerned though, I’m a wrestler. So that’s what I’ll do…wrestle.”

Cody remains one of the bigger “what ifs” in recent WWE history, and I think he could be a big success in another company. Hell, I think he could be a great fit for New Japan or even a company like Lucha Underground. Cody still has a lot to offer the wrestling business, with his versatility in the ring and on the mic, and I hope he gets the chance to show WWE just what they were missing with him. As for his official statement, you can read the whole thing by checking out the images below or by viewing the full transcript from Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline:

Cody Rhodes Puts WWE On Blast In Scathing Post-Release Statement

Release statement from Cody Rhodes

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