Cody Rhodes Calls Out WWE Over TMZ and ESPN Relationships

Cody Rhodes is no longer a contracted WWE employee, so he’s free to call the company out for remaining in business with ESPN, despite one of their writers putting out a controversial tweet this week about WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and his son.

It all started when a video was posted about the 8-year-old son of Kevin Owens emotionally celebrating his dad’s victory as WWE Universal Champion. ESPN writer Amin Elhassan responded by writing, “Until someone told him it was scripted.”

Kevin Owens son celebrates WWE title win

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ESPN writer criticizes son of Kevin Owens

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This sent the wrestling world into a frenzy, with everyone from Ricochet and Mike Elgin sticking up for Owens and his son. But it was Cody Rhodes who was most vocal, calling out WWE not only for their partnership with ESPN, but also their continued relationship with TMZ, which released his mother’s 911 call regarding the death of his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

While I think Amin’s tweet was a lousy thing to do, I don’t think the actions of one man should reflect badly against the entire company, especially when his fellow colleagues, such as former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, condemned him on Twitter for it.

That said, I totally agree with Cody regarding the TMZ stuff. There was no reason to release that 911 call. There isn’t really any journalistic demand it’s satisfying, in my opinion. It just comes across as needlessly low and unnecessary. Granted, I’m not sure WWE is the type of company to cut ties on principle, so I doubt Cody calling them out over this will have any effect whatsoever. But I can’t fault him for his rant.

Cody Rhodes Calls Out WWE Over TMZ and ESPN Relationships

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