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Cody Fry sings ‘Over the Rainbow’ on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

Cody Fry sang ‘Over the Rainbow’ on American Idol XIV Season 14 in Nashville, TN on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

I love this. He’s such a great vocalist. Loved that he chose to sing a classic and made it his own.

I think this guy will go far in the competition. They need a person who can hit all the notes all the time with a bit of something in the end.

From our live blog:

Cody’s father is a musician, and so he grew up in a house filled with music. He tells the judges he grew up singing anything and everything he could, from commercial jingles to video game songs. He says he’ll be singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” prompting a glorious Dad Joke from Harry, in which he responds by saying Cody should sing it here instead.

Cody’s vocals are very understated, but when he dips into his falsetto, it’s gorgeous. And his runs are well-chosen and beautiful. He seems more like a crooner, so the point where I don’t think he needed the guitar. But I love that he brought it anyway. Harry notes that Cody auditioned at the perfect time, since the music landscape is warming up to his style of singer, whereas he might not have gotten through if he’d auditioned 10 years ago.

Watch the video here:

Cody Fry sings 'Over the Rainbow' on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

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