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Coco Austin Talks Photographing Her Baby Bump While Rocking a Thong Bikini (PHOTOS)

Back in September, Coco Austin showed off her baby bump while wearing just a thong bikini. The reality star and wife of Ice-T has taken to the internet today (Nov. 23) to explain her thought process behind the racy pregnancy selfies.

In a blog post for E! Online, Austin explained the reasoning behind the photos, writing: “Up until around 27 weeks, nobody was seeing a bump of any kind and it was really frustrating me because people were saying I was using a surrogate or I wasn’t really pregnant, I’m buying a baby, etc.”

Coco Austin Baby Bump Thong Photo

Credit: Facebook

“The only way you could physically see my bump was to get kind of halfway naked and to see it from the side angle.”

She continued, “I thought wearing a swimsuit would show people that I am pregnant … I just wanted to prove a point but at the same time, I’m not here to prove a point. I’m pregnant and you’re going to see this bump one day or another.”

You can check out more photos of Austin’s bump (some of them NSFW despite the blurring) from back in September or peruse her latest and definitely safe for work bump.

Coco Austin Baby Bumo Thong Photo

Credit: Facebook

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