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Coco Austin Shows Off Her Baby Bump + Baby Blog (PHOTOS)

Another day, another celebrity baby/lifestyle blog.

This time around, that celebrity is Coco Austin (former star of Ice Loves Coco and wife of Ice-T), who showed off both her baby bump and her brand new blog about her baby (Chanel) on social media.

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Wrote Coco-T on Instagram, “Its finally up!!! My baby blog at ..Its taken along time to put up cuz I practically wrote a mini book about my life, pre-Ice, pre-Chanel. Before I start posting all about #babyChanel (which is this week) I introduce you to who I really am and where I come from.”

“In this blog experience this beautiful journey with me through pictures and heartful insight of my pregnancy.. This [above] was just taken today in my shoe sanctuary were I feel the most peaceful.. 34 weeks pregnant!!”

She continued in yet another caption, “Pregnancy is still going unbelievably smooth ! I have a little battle with heart burn but nothing to complain about.. Craving a lot more sweets than normal like frozen yogurt.”

“#chanelnicole is a little over 4 pounds already! She moving even more now doing tumbling tricks or something like that because she’s very active and it feels like she doing somersaults in my tummy but then totally let’s me sleep at night.. And a funny thing too is my belly button is starting to poke out a bit. I think its cute. Just thought I might give you a weekly update!”

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