CM Punk Will Not Debut In UFC This Summer After All

Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the UFC debut of former WWE champion CM Punk.

Originally, sources stated that Punk’s first UFC fight would occur at UFC 202 on Saturday, August 20, the same weekend as WWE Summerslam 2016. However, Ariel Helwani is now reporting that the fight will instead occur at UFC 203 on September 10th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Current plan at the moment is CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall at UFC 203, per sources,” Helwani wrote in a tweet. “Far from a done deal but that’s the direction as of this AM.”

So it looks like we won’t be getting Punk’s official fight debut this summer after all. Punk signed with UFC in December 2014, and I’m not sure UFC brass expected it’d be nearly a two-year wait before he finally had his first fight. If anything, I would imagine UFC executives are getting pretty antsy, particularly since (according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer) the company wants to build a reality show around his first fight. The show would air on FS1, and it would be a way to introduce him to people who aren’t familiar with his WWE career, and give further insight to fans who know him only as CM Punk and not Phil Brooks. It sounds interesting, but it’s largely predicated on Punk actually stepping into the Octagon at some point. I’m a big fan of Punk’s work, and I’m anxious to see how he transitions to mixed martial arts. Here’s hoping he’s ready for UFC 203.

CM Punk Will Not Debut In UFC This Summer After All

Source: YouTube

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