CM Punk Reveals What He Told Mickey Gall After UFC 203 Fight

CM Punk made his MMA debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203, but lost fairly quickly in the first round to a rear-naked choke, in what was a pretty one-sided fight. Still, Punk made a point of approaching Gall after the fight to congratulate him and offer some sage advice. And now we know what Punk actually told the 24-year-old.

“In interviews and stuff like that, he would say things speaking about himself like he didn’t belong in the UFC and he didn’t belong on the main card,” Punk revealed in a post-fight interview. “I told him everyone else is going to say that about you throughout your entire career, why are you going to say that about yourself?”

Punk would go on to add, “I said don’t ever put yourself down. Even if you don’t think you deserve to be on the main card, you’re on the main card just shut the (expletive) up and fake it till you make it. Don’t sell yourself short.”

CM Punk Reveals What He Told Mickey Gall After UFC 203 Fight

Source: YouTube

Apparently, the advice worked, because Gall was amped about being on a future main card show after UFC 203, calling out Sage Northcutt and hyping his own skill as a fighter.

“I’d like to stay on the main card now,” Gall would go on to say after UFC 203. “I got a little taste of it and I really like it.”

I’m glad Punk and Gall were both able to recognize that the other man was playing up the supposed disrespect for the cameras. I’m not sure if Punk will ever fight in UFC again, but he seems to understand the business of marketing oneself.

What do you think about what Punk told Gall? And what do you think is next for both men? Sound off in the comments!

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