CM Punk Lashes Out At ‘Hack Journalists’ Criticizing UFC 203 Debut

CM Punk is fed up with journalists criticizing his transition from WWE to MMA with his upcoming UFC 203 debut.

Punk was criticized for receiving an exemption from the Ohio Athletic Commission to compete against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland this Saturday, despite being over 35-years-old and having no prior fight experience. Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato explained their decision to waive restrictions and license Punk by citing his past as a pro wrestler and his training at Roufusport, one of the top gyms in all of MMA. Punk is in the clear for his fight this Saturday, yet he’s still getting criticized for supposedly getting leeway that an average fighter wouldn’t have gotten. And there’s something to that criticism, to be fair. Typically, the rules require that a competitor have five amateur bouts with a winning record under his belt before being allowed to pursue professional fighting. In addition, fighters over the age of 35 must have competed in at least three events to qualify for a pro license.

CM Punk Lashes Out At 'Hack Journalists' Criticizing UFC 203 Debut

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Still, Punk has had it with the criticism, and decided to lash out, wondering why so many people care about whether or not he’s cleared to fight.

“I don’t know why people care. If you’re not me and you’re not the guy fighting me, why the hell are you so invested?”

Punk specifically called out the journalists who are framing their criticism as concern for his well-being.

“They’re worried about my well-being? No, they’re not,” Punk stated. “They’re hack journalists who (expletive) just want to stir up a bunch of (expletive) for no reason cause they don’t get invited to this.”

So it looks like this is less about whether or not Punk can win, and more about whether or not Punk should be fighting at all. Granted, these sorts of fights have always existed in MMA, with special attractions getting fast-tracked in order to do big business. Punk could be a draw for UFC if enough interest is drummed up for this fight. So I can see why UFC might have called in a favor or greased some wheels to get Punk licensed. If nothing else, I think Punk is ready for the fight. So I’m hoping for a solid showing from him, even if it’s a losing effort.

What do you think about CM Punk being allowed to fight at UFC 203? Sound off in the comments!

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