CM Punk Just Gave Away His Old WWE Title Belt For Christmas

CM Punk hasn’t exactly had the most amicable split from WWE, considering they faxed him his official release papers on his wedding day two years ago. But it’s apparently gotten to the point where Punk is intent on scrubbing any memory of WWE from his personal life, as evidenced by the fact that he gave away his old WWE title belt for Christmas.

Cliff Compton, who wrestled for WWE from 2007-2010 (and even held the Smackdown tag titles as the Domino half of the tag team Deuce & Domino), posted an interesting tweet. In the post, he states that he and Punk went through an old storage unit containing some of the former champ’s WWE memorabilia. Compton found the original WWE championship belt that Punk held during his historic 434-day title run. When Compton noted how cool it was, Punk told him it was his now, as a Christmas gift. The original tweet is below:

A Twitter user commented that the belt looked fake, to which Compton responded, “It’s the legit belt from WWE. It’s heavy as f***.” Compton would go on to note that fans shouldn’t be sad that Punk is distancing himself from his wrestling history, noting that “Mike Tyson tossed his boxing titles in the garbage. Life goes on.”

As for what will become of the belt, in a later Twitter reply, Compton states that it will be going to 9-year-old nephew, a diehard CM Punk fan who stopped watching wrestling altogether after Punk left WWE. At the very least, it sounds like as good a use for the title belt as letting it collect dust in a storage unit somewhere.

CM Punk Just Gave Away His Old WWE Title Belt For Christmas

Source: Twitter

And yet, I still think it’s kind of surprising that, despite his bitter departure from WWE, Punk wouldn’t want to hold onto one of the biggest trophies of his wrestling career. Sure, the spinner belt wasn’t exactly the most attractive championship belt ever designed, but it still represents the arguable height of his wrestling career. Then again, belts and trinkets probably mean relatively little to Punk at this stage, especially considering how badly things ended with WWE. It’s akin to keeping photos of an ex-girlfriend who gave you some of the best times of your life, but cheated on you in the end. Granted, it’s probably not the best analogy, but it seems clear that Punk is keen to just move on from being thought of as a WWE guy.

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