CM Punk Discusses Nate Diaz Confrontation at UFC 200

CM Punk is close to finally making his MMA debut at UFC 203. However, he’s spent the better part of two years being criticized by those within the sport for making the jump to MMA from pro wrestling. In particular, Nate Diaz declared it was “horrible for the sport” when the former WWE star was signed.

But Diaz changed his tune, and went out of his way to apologize to Punk at UFC 200 in July.

“UFC 200, I was doing an autograph signing, and the guy I was signing the autograph for started, like, pointing behind me. And I heard someone, like, yelling my name and I turned around, and I was on a riser and Nate Diaz was on the ground and he was, like, ‘Hey man, come here’,” Punk said in an interview with FOX Sports. “I was like ‘What’s up?’ and he was the nicest (expletive) guy.”

Punk would go on to add, “I don’t know if he’ll get mad and this will ruin the image of Nate Diaz, but he was like ‘Hey man, I talked some (expletive) before and I don’t know you and I’m sorry’ and he’s like, ‘Gilbert (Melendez) and Ronda (Rousey) said that you’re a cool dude and they love you’ and I started looking around for the cameras. I was like all right. I thought that was super, super cool of him. Super nice guy.”

CM Punk Discusses Nate Diaz Confrontation at UFC 200

Source: YouTube

It appears Punk is gradually building support within the MMA community now that fellow fighters are able to see his progression, and just how committed he is to actually doing this right, through his Evolution of Punk series on YouTube, which details his training and the amount of difficulty he suffered through to get to this point. As he earns respect of MMA fighters, it seems Punk’s confidence has been building ahead of his fight against Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Here’s hoping he’s his best self on the pay-per-view event, since this is his chance to silence critics. Even in a losing effort, a strong showing could do wonders for a potential MMA career, at least in terms of convincing people this is something Punk can do, and is worthy of doing.

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