CM Punk Compares His UFC Journey To Tim Tebow Signing With Mets

The situations may not be perfectly analogous, but CM Punk sees a lot of similarities between his UFC journey and Tim Tebow signing a minor league deal with the New York Mets.

At today’s UFC 203 press conference, Punk discussed his similarities with Tebow, since he left WWE in order to pursue MMA. Punk makes his debut at UFC 203 this Saturday in Cleveland against Mickey Gall, and while oddsmakers have Punk as the underdog, it’s nothing he hasn’t already anticipated. If anything, Punk feels there’s symmetry between what he has had to go through with critics, and what Tebow is enduring now.

“Oh he signed with the Mets? I think that’s great,” Punk stated. “That’s awesome. Symmetry? Maybe. The people who don’t like me are going to point out that ‘Punk wasn’t a professional athlete,’ so it’s a whole different can of worms. But, yeah, I think there’s a lot of symmetry. You go from one…I’m debating on whether to call it a sport or not, everything I say gets click-baited…f*ck it, you go from one sport to another, there are parallels.”

CM Punk Compares His UFC Journey To Tim Tebow Signing With Mets

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Punk would go on to express his faith in Tebow, comparing his situation to that of Michael Jordan, who briefly left a successful basketball career to play baseball. He also stresses how important it is not to listen to critics, and allow their doubts to affect your self-esteem.

“It’s like Michael Jordan,” Punk said. “[He] went from playing basketball to playing baseball. ‘Oh, baseball’s too hard, he’s not going to be able to do it,’ and ‘I’m awkward and uncoordinated and I’m old and I’m fat and I’m lazy and I suck and I’m a fake athlete and I’m not going to be able to do it.’ You know if you believe all that stuff, then you’re not going to be able to do it. I’m sure Tim Tebow can hit a ball. I think that’s great.”

I think Punk is right, for the most part. It’s a bit unfair to judge a guy before you’ve seen what he can do in a new sport. While a lot of people are expecting Punk to get torn apart on Saturday, I can’t help but root for the guy, and hope that he makes a strong showing, at least to earn the respect of his naysayers. In many ways, I feel similarly about Tebow. He already accomplished one dream by making it to the NFL, so why can’t he pursue another dream by pursuing baseball? I’m generally on the side of guys who go after their dreams, regardless of what people say. Best of luck to both men.

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