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Clever Dog Opens ‘Dog-Proof’ Container – Hilarious! (VIDEO)

Few dogs have ever been more aptly named than Meme the Dog, since this pooch has gone viral simply by using his smarts.

Apparently, getting fed whenever he wants isn’t an issue for Meme, since his family’s attempts to keep him away from his food have all failed so far. Basically, Meme’s food kept disappearing, and his family wanted to find out why, so they set up a hidden camera to catch Meme in the act. And, sure enough, they discover their dog is not only clever, he’s a total problem-solver too! This video is hilarious, and illustrates just how clever some dogs can be when it’s a matter of getting something to eat. Watch the video below:

Clever Dog Opens 'Dog-Proof' Container - Hilarious! (VIDEO)

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