Clay Aiken In Docuseries: He Says F*** A Lot, Might Run For Office Again (VIDEO)

Clay Aiken‘s docuseries “The Runner Up” premieres on Esquire Network on April 7. It’s a revealing look at the former American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up turned North Carolina politician.

Reality Blurred says that it is an “amazing TV” with Clay saying the F-word all the time. Clay says: “Fuck people who have a problem with that. Fuck ‘em.”

Reality Blurred adds:

… it’s stunning because that Clay Aiken is a direct contrast to the version of him we’ve seen on television twice now. He was much more open and candid on Apprentice–it was, after all, after he came out–but this is finally a fuller picture of Clay. We see him in public, campaigning, and in private, complaining. There’s a particular type of vulnerability that isn’t very common from politicians or from reality television, and not just when he’s in his boxer briefs getting dressed.

In an interview with TIME, Clay also mentions that he might run for office someday. Though in this interview promoting the new series, I couldn’t help but feel some displaced positivity on how Clay sees his defeat in the North Carolina elections. He says that he considers it a victory if the person who defeated him goes on to lose the primary in 2016, as he feels he would have played a role in that. This is probably one of the reasons why Clay lost. You don’t run for office to unseat anyone. You run to win.

From TIME:

So now that you’ve made headway, would you ever run again?

It’s not something I’m ruling out. I learned a lot about the political process and the efficacy of being in office. I got great advice from Democrats who are in office. I’m not convinced being in Congress is the best way to make an impact. I got this opportunity to have a voice where people can pay attention. Congress, at the time, felt like an opportunity to do that and get rid of someone who was clearly not doing that. I certainly am not going to say I’m not going to run for office again. I’d be lying; I think it’ll happen. In the meantime, i’m still learning.

Clay Aiken In Docuseries- He Says 'F***' A Lot And Might Run For Office Again (VIDEO)

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