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Clark Beckham sings ‘Make It Rain’ on American Idol Top 7

Clark Beckham sang “Make It Rain” on American Idol XIV on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 for Billboard Hot 100 night.

Clark Beckham was safe.

From our live blog:

I thought Clark had a hell of a moment with this. It was very soulful and almost spiritual. I feel Clark is really beginning to embrace the performance aspect of all of this, thanks to that “treat singing like preaching” advice from Jason. I still prefer“Every Breath You Take” for his performance of the season so far, but I think vocals like this are going to be what gets him to the finale, far more so than working the stage, loosening his collar, or mussing up his hair.

J-Lo thought it was an outstanding performance, but says the rest of the package has to match it, because he could make the finale, but he won’t if he doesn’t commit to the rest of the package. She suggests even something as simple as popping his collar or dropping the guitar strap a little lower, since he needs to be memorable beyond his vocals. Harry agrees, feeling it was good but could have been great, since he needs to loosen up a bit more. He even though Clark could have left the guitar at home. Keith co-signs, but notes that Clark did sound really great. After the performance, Harry once again notes that any of these contestants could win this, but they can’t afford to drop the ball even once.

Clark Beckham

Clark Beckham sings 'Make It Rain' on American Idol Top 7

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