Chuck E. Cheese’s Branch Closes After Being Overrun By Kids

A Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky closed early on Saturday night after it was overrun by too many kids. Police said that the staff was overwhelmed by the number of kids in the establishment.

According to the Herald-Leader, police were called at 6 p.m. after a report of a “large disorder” at the Woodhill shopping center, just after the Chuck E. Cheese’s closed early:

Lexington police Lt. Albert Johnson said that the disturbance was verbal and did not involve physical fighting. When officers arrived, they found a few parents and some employees in the parking lot.

“People were just upset that they were shutting the store down,” he said. “Staffing there wasn’t up to par, and they weren’t able to manage that many kids.”

Corporate spokeswoman Alexis Linn described the situation as a case of “a manager on duty going rogue.”

She said the store’s general manager had to leave early Saturday because her daughter broke her arm.

Source: Kentucky.com

Source: Kentucky.com

A boy whose birthday was canceled because of the closure was bawling.


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