Chris Pratt Will Visit Children’s Hospitals After Losing Super Bowl Bet

Chris Pratt will don his Star-Lord costume once again, but it’s not for the filming of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

Seattle Seahawks fan Pratt made a well-publicized Super Bowl bet with fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Evans, who is an avowed New England Patriots fanatic: if the Seahawks lost, Pratt would have to visit Evans’ non-profit housing development for families of kids with cancer — Christopher’s Haven — dressed as Star-Lord. But if the Patriots lost, Evans would have to visit a Seattle children’s hospital in full costume as Captain America.

Well, the Seahawks lost, meaning Pratt came out on the losing end of the bet.

“Congrats to the world champions @patriots you were the better team tonight,” Pratt tweeted after the big game. “I will be visiting @chris_haven as Starlord.”

However, while Pratt may have lost, the kids are going to end up being the winners here, as Evans has pledged to make an appearance as Captain America as well — to both Christopher’s Haven AND Seattle.

“Thank you to @prattprattpratt for being a good sport,” Evans tweeted in response. “I’ll be there with you at @chris_haven, and don’t worry @seattlechildren, we’ll be coming there too!”

This isn’t the first time Pratt has donned the Star-Lord outfit for charity, as he visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles back in August, right in the midst of the promotional rush for Guardians of the Galaxy. So, despite having been impossibly busy at the time, Pratt still made the time to visit sick kids. The dude is just awesome, and Evans is right up there with him as a genuinely cool guy. Just a heartwarming situation all-around.

Chris Pratt Will Visit Children's Hospitals After Losing Super Bowl Bet

Credit: Marvel Studios

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