Chris Pratt Just Might Be the New Indiana Jones for Disney’s Sequel

After buying the rights to the Indiana Jones film franchise from Paramount in 2013, Disney is moving forward with plans for the continuation of the franchise with an upcoming sequel. And they’re looking to the star of Guardians of the Galaxy for the lead role.

Chris Pratt is reportedly the frontrunner to don the hat and bullwhip, taking over from Harrison Ford as the iconic archaeologist/adventurer. While the sequel is still in its earliest stages, Disney is hoping they’ll be able to build a whole new franchise around Pratt, especially since he proved himself as a leading man with Guardians of the Galaxy, and has managed to be one of the most popular celebrities in entertainment at the moment. This summer, he’ll star in Jurassic World, potentially cementing his role as a blockbuster, box office draw (provided, of course, that the film is a hit)

However, if Disney wants him for the role, they’ll have to wait a while. Pratt will be busy filming The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua this April, after which he’ll presumably start prepping for the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel. Still, Pratt is worth waiting for, in my opinion. As far as dream casting goes, this is right on the money.

Via: Deadline

Chris Pratt Just Might Be the New Indiana Jones for Disney's Sequel

Credit: Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times

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