Chris Jericho and Sin Cara Reportedly Get Into Fight on WWE Tour

Two guys with a reputation for getting into backstage fights at WWE events found themselves squaring off during the overseas tour this weekend.

According to Wrestlezone’s Justin LaBar, a fight broke out backstage between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara (or Jorge Arias, the former Hunico) on the tour bus as the WWE crew traveled from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland. Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer provided the details on the fight itself:

Chris Jericho and Sin Cara Reportedly Get Into Fight Backstage on WWE Tour

Source: YouTube

The description of what happened was that Arias was making annoying noises while on the tour bus and even though people were telling him to stop, he kept doing it. This led to Jericho more forcefully telling him to stop, resulting in Arias telling him to f**k off. Words were exchanged and Arias threw a wild right at Jericho before everyone jumped in to break it up. Jericho bit Arias’ finger during the skirmish.

Arias was then kicked off the bus.

One description was that he snapped in two seconds without any warning or reason.

This is far from the first time either man has caused problems backstage. As recently as Summerslam, Chris Jericho had an altercation backstage with Brock Lesnar that nearly led to violence. Granted, it mostly stemmed from a misunderstanding over the finish to Lesnar’s match with Randy Orton, but things did manage to get heated pretty quickly. A month before that, Sin Cara got into a fight with Vaudevillains team member Simon Gotch. Sin Cara has also reportedly fought with Sheamus backstage twice.

It’s unknown just yet what, if any, disciplinary action will be levied against the men. Of course, for all anyone knows, there might not be any disciplining at all. I mean, this is a company that has always had a history of fights backstage without repercussions, presumably because it’s assumed that the men have either gotten it out of their systems, or had a one-time heated moment that they agree won’t happen again. Whether it was Jacques Rougeau knocking out Dynamite Kid with a roll of quarters, Joey Styles punching out JBL, or Booker T putting a beating on Batista, these sorts of things are always going to happen in a business like this one. Not necessarily saying this type of thing should be allowed, but simply that it’s not exactly uncommon. Here’s hoping this was just a one-time incident between the two that won’t be repeated.

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