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Chris Harrison ‘Heartbroken’ He Isn’t Hosting ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ After Show

Last summer, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison was also the host of After Paradise, the live Bachelor In Paradise after show. But this year? Not so much. Former View co-host Michelle Collins and former Bachelor Sean Lowe are the new hosts, but Harrison would have preferred to have continued in the hosting gig, despite already having a hosting job in Las Vegas for the syndicated version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. So why isn’t Harrison hosting?

When a fan tweeted Harrison to ask why he wasn’t hosting anymore, Harrison responded, “Very sorry but trust me, wasn’t my call.” Another fan tweeted Harrison, saying it’s not the same without him as host. Harrison responded, “I miss it too, thanks.”

Chris Harrison 'Heartbroken' He Isn't Hosting 'Bachelor In Paradise' After Show

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But there’s a LOT more to the story, and a source for E! News had the details on Harrison’s heartbreak over not being asked to host this year, and why Collins and Lowe were chosen in his place:

A source close to the host tells E! News Harrison is “heartbroken” over not being asked to host the after-show. “This is the first Bachelor show that he hasn’t been involved with,” our insider explains. “He’s really upset. Chris had every intention of being involved with the show.”

So what happened? ABC had no comment, but a source close to the show tells us Collins was chosen as the main host as she didn’t have the same access and knowledge Harrison had about the relationships and storylines on BIP.

“They decided to try having a super fan host it,” our source says. “They wanted someone who wasn’t on the island and who didn’t already know what happened.”

I kind of feel bad for Chris Harrison. He really doesn’t have a whole lot to do on any of The Bachelor franchise shows, which is a shame, because he’s really good at his job when he actually gets to do it. But these days, he basically just comes out to announce the final rose of the night and any other twists, and host the Men/Women Tell All and After the Final Rose specials. Granted, he has more to do on Bachelor In Paradise than most shows, as he’s there greeting each new arrival, and announcing the rules for the Rose Ceremony. (Oh, and kicking Chad Johnson out of Paradise. That too.) But After Paradise was really Harrison’s chance to have a laid back attitude and talk about the show he’s been living with the contestants, and to show more of his personality than he does on the main shows. So I understand his disappointment, even if I also understand what the network was going for by hiring Collins and Lowe. But for what it’s worth, I really don’t enjoy the after show that much anymore. The hosts don’t click for me, and there’s a sense of energy that’s missing this season. Without Chris Harrison, it just doesn’t feel like a Bachelor show to me.

But what do you think of the new hosts for After Paradise? Should Chris Harrison return? Sound off in the comments!

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