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Chris Harrison Explains Why Nick Viall Was Chosen As The Bachelor 2017

Last night, on Bachelor In Paradise post-show After Paradise, it was announced that Nick Viall would be The Bachelor 2017. The two-time runner-up on The Bachelorette has had his struggles when it comes to finding love, as evidenced by his latest crack at romance on Bachelor In Paradise. But if it hasn’t worked out for Nick before, why pick him to be The Bachelor? Luckily, host Chris Harrison has the explanation.

In an interview with People, Harrison explains that Nick “has just become that perennial, second place guy who wants to find love and is as sincere, if not more sincere, than anybody about finding it.” More specifically, Harrison adds, “It’s about giving him his chance to find love. Who deserves it more than him?”

Harrison noted that while a lot of names were being considered for the gig, they went with the person they felt was the most deserving and sincere, adding that while some Bachelor fans may feel Nick is just hungry for fame, ABC didn’t make their choice recklessly. The Bachelor host was adamant in his assessment that Nick is sincere in his pursuit of love, especially since the process has worked on him already. In particular, Harrison reminds viewers that the last two times Nick was on The Bachelorette, for Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons, respectively, he actually did fall in love and have his heart broken.

Chris Harrison Explains Why Nick Viall Was Chosen As The Bachelor 2017

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So how did Nick get the gig over fan favorites from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, such as Luke Pell and Chase McNary?

“He wasn’t actively campaigning for it. He wasn’t begging for it,” Harrison said. ” We just were talking and thought, ‘You know what, this makes so much sense. Why aren’t we doing this?’ The good thing is, with our casting, there’s no rules. There’s no rules that say we can’t use somebody that’s been on the show or hasn’t been on the show or whatever.”

Personally, I love that Viall was chosen, since I feel like Luke or Chase would have given us another Chris Soules snoozer of a season. Then again, you never know. I always say it’s not about the man, but the women who are cast to pursue him. I’m hoping Nick gets an interesting cast of women — emphasis on the word women. Nick is 35-years-old, so I’m really hoping we get contestants in the 28-35 age range, rather than a bunch of 22-24 year-olds. But I’m not going to hold my breath. Still, I’m legit excited for Nick, and for his season. We’ll see how he does in the role this January. Fingers crossed that this works for him.

So how do you think Nick will handle suddenly being the one pursued? What do you think of Nick Viall as The Bachelor? Sound off in the comments!

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