Chris Brown VMA Party Shooting Victim Sues Club

It looks like trouble follows Chris Brown and Suge Knight, and innocent people sometimes get caught in the crossfire.

Fashion model Megan Hawkins is suing the 1 OAK club for providing inadequate security to protect patrons at a VMA party hosted by Chris Brown in 2014. At the party in question, Hawkins got hit by a bullet meant for infamous music exec Suge Knight, who was shot six times. Hawkins claims that 1 OAK knew Chris Brown had gang ties and endangered everyone by allowing a known violent criminal like Suge Knight to attend the event.

Hawkins is looking for compensation for all the lost work and medical bills she’s accrued, considering she got hit in the ass by a 9mm bullet. That had to hurt her modeling career.

Chris Brown VMA Party Shooting Victim Sues Club

Credit: Instagram

Of course, you could make the argument that if 1 OAK was expected to predict a violent end to the party due to the presence of Suge Knight and Brown’s alleged gang ties, then Hawkins should have as well. Granted, I’m no Chris Brown fan at all, but where does personal accountability begin and end? Frankly, I expect this case is probably going to be settled out of court, since Hawkins does have a legitimate grievance. Either way, Brown himself doesn’t seem fazed, instead keeping busy making new album covers with his adorable daughter.

But what do you think? Who’s at fault here, if anyone? Sound off in the comments!

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