Chris Brown Says Baby Mama Is Using Royalty As A ‘Meal Ticket’

Chris Brown has accused his baby mama Nia Guzman-Amey of using their daughter Royalty as a “meal ticket” in his latest rant on social media.

Chris and Nia are in the middle of a custody battle for Royalty.

The singer wants paternity rights joint custody; while Nia wants full custody and supervised visits with Chris only. She doesn’t think Royalty is safe with Chris alone, specially in the light of two burglaries in his home this year. One of those home invasions was an inside job done by Chris’ own friends.

Chris Brown Says Baby Mama Is Using Royalty As A 'Meal Ticket'

Earth to Chris Brown: Of course Nia is using Royalty! That was obvious from day one. You should have thought of the consequences before hooking up with her.

All Nia has done was take money from Chris and promote herself on social media. She’s been trying to sell stuff and all that. Like who is she anyway? Oh, the hanger-on who got knocked up by Chris Brown.

Royalty is really cute though. So I’m torn.

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