Chris Brown Baby Mama’s Boyfriend Posts New Photo of Royalty

The tug of war for Chris Brown’s baby Royalty has begun! In response to Chris’ recent post confirming that he is the father of 10-month-old Royalty – King Ba, the boyfriend of Chris’ baby mama Nia Guzman-Amey – has posted a new Royalty photo of his own.

Chris may have the DNA, but King Ba has access to Royalty. He lives in Houston and has taken care of Royalty since she was born. As he expressed two weeks ago about her: “Been a Dad Still a Dad.”

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

I think this is a clear message to Chris that though he is the biological dad, he isn’t acting like one.

Interestingly enough, King Ba has a new tattoo: a crown with “Nia” on it. It’s getting complicated now. I wonder what Chris will do next. It has been reported that he wants Nia to move to LA. Looks like King Ba isn’t going to make it easy.

UPDATE: Chris Brown just responded with a video of Royalty. It’s war!

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