Chris Brown Baby Mama Says Royalty Not Safe Around His ‘Gangster’ Friends After Home Invasion

Is Royalty safe around Chris Brown’s “gangster” friends? This is the question his baby mama Nia Guzman-Amey is asking after a home invasion at Chris’ home this week.

TMZ reports that Nia is not cool with Royalty being around the “criminal” element in Chris’ life. The home robbers held Chris’ aunt hostage in a closet at gunpoint and Chris’ mom thinks it was an inside job.



This will probably not be good for Chris Brown’s request for joint custody of Royalty.

What a mess! This is the second time this year that Chris’ house has been burglarized! Is it really safe being around him? I would question this too.

What if these robbers had held Royalty for ransom? That would be horrible.

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