Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Back Together? Ask The Dog!

Karrueche Tran shared a photo of a dog last week which set off rumors that she and Chris Brown are back together.

Depending on who you follow, the white dog in question is either: Karrueche’s dog given by Chris or Chris’ dog. Either way, the dog has a Chris connection, and fans think that this is the first step in their reconciliation.

Karrueche captioned the photo on Instagram with a cryptic: “hi baby.”

So I guess she was visiting Chris and saw the dog? Or she remembered Chris when she took a photo of her dog?

Chris Brown and Karrueche were in Las Vegas for the Mayweather fight this weekend. No word yet if they saw each other. And just a few days ago, Chris and Rihanna were seen in Travis Scott’s birthday party (holding a snake).

Can this be the return of the dreaded love triangle?

hi baby ????

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Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Back Together? Ask The Dog!

Last March, Karrueche said that’s “there’s no making up” with Chris at the moment. Perhaps less than two months later is the time.

Chris Brown also released a “diss song” about Karrueche two weeks ago which he deleted on Instagram.

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