Chris Brown and Baby Mama’s Ex trade threats

Things have gotten messy between Chris Brown and his Baby Mama Nia Guzman-Amey over the last couple of days regarding the fate of Royalty Brown.

We reported that Chris Brown broke his silence yesterday by basically telling his fans to “shut up” in a response on his Instagram. Now we know why he is angry. (Though he’s always angry anyway, so whatev).

TMZ reported this morning that Chris had agreed to pay child support for Royalty Brown for as long as Nia kept her mouth shut about it. Now that the 9-month-old baby is out in the open, Chris is going to court. He has instructed his lawyers to go to family court and have the court order child support instead. The original payments were supposedly “substantially more than he’d be required to pay if a judge ordered child support.”

Meanwhile, Nia’s ex-husband Terry Avery spoke to TMZ and has publicly told Chris Brown to “watch his temper” around Nia.

Terry has a 13-year-old daughter with Nia and they were married from 2003 to 2014. Nia got pregnant while they were separated — and knowing that Royalty wasn’t his, Terry filed for divorce. He did not know the father was Chris Brown at the time.

From TMZ:

“Avery tells us he’s aware of Chris’ notorious temper and says he better not lose it around Nia and the kids, or there will be repercussions. He was not more specific about what that means, but its clearly a threat.”

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