Chipotle Just Gave Big Sean A Treat You Never Knew Existed (PHOTO)

Big Sean performed at Red Rocks in Denver this week and he was really surprised at the gift Denver-based restaurant chain Chipotle gave him.

First, Chipotle catered his entire dressing room. Big Sean seemed surprised that they could do that on his Snapchat (I was too!)

But the bigger surprise was this: Chipotle gave him a fancy custom-made card which allows him to eat at Chipotle for free for an entire year.

Oh my goodness! I want that card!

Chipotle really wants Big Sean to eat more Chipotle apparently.

If I could eat at Chipotle for free for a year, I would eat there every day and save a lot of money.

Blessed with this VIP card! free chipotle everyday its lit! ????

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A sea a people that were waiting to scream this shit! HOSTFU! Denver was legendary! ???? @zenomania

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