Chinese Hackers Hijack Tesla In Motion (VIDEO)

One of the biggest criticisms of Tesla is that their automotive technology is nowhere near the level it needs to be for wider distribution. It’s not just about failed autopilot systems, or miscommunication with consumers about what their technology actually does, it’s about the potential for a tech-heavy car to be compromised by tech-savvy troublemakers.

In this video, we see how such a thing is possible, as some Chinese hackers managed to hijack a moving Tesla. Granted, the hackers for Keen Security Lab, which is part of the Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent, are of the “white hat” variety, meaning their job is to identify vulnerabilities in existing systems in order to help improve the technology to prevent future issues. But this is still pretty scary, considering the hackers weren’t just able to control the windshield wipers, they were able to hit the brakes on the car! Keen has released a firmware patch to defend against these types of hacks, but this is certainly worrying, with regards to the gradual move towards more tech-heavy, potentially autonomous cars. Watch the video below:

Chinese Hackers Hijack Tesla In Motion (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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