Chewbacca Mom Sings Michael Jackson Song To Protest Violence (VIDEO)

So Chewbacca Mom can sing. No, seriously. She can SING! It’s been just under two months since the world was introduced to Candace Payne (a.k.a. “Chewbacca Mom”), who went viral in a video in which a toy Chewbacca mask made her the happiest woman alive. But now, she’s using her internet fame to spread a message of peace through song, as we find out in this video she recently posted to her Facebook page.

The video, which features singing “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson, is the most delightful surprise of the past week, although the circumstances surrounding it are less than joyous. Payne posted the video in response to the recent rash of violence, both from the police and against them. In particular, Payne cites the Dallas police shootings, since it touches eerily close to her home of Grand Prairie, Texas. In the video, she states her hope that her cover might inspire people to make the world “a better place.” Here’s hoping. But for now, enjoy Chewbacca Mom’s voice. Seriously, she’s really good. Watch the video below:

Chewbacca Mom Sings Michael Jackson Song To Protest Violence (VIDEO)

Source: Facebook

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