Chevy SS Is Sadly Being Put Out To Pasture In 2017

Well, this is it for the Chevrolet SS.

It was confirmed yesterday at the North American International Auto Show that the manual transmission, V-8 car will cease production in 2017. The reason is because the Holden VF Commodore will be ceasing production in Australia later in 2017. Since the Chevy SS is basically just an imported Commodore, there’s no point in continuing the car if the original is also being put out to pasture. In essence, the 2017 Chevy SS will be the final edition for the old school driver.

“We decided in small numbers we’d introduce the SS, because we could at a pretty low cost and it has been really well received,” said GM North American head Alan Batey. “Obviously it’s unlikely there is anything to follow because of what is going on in Australia,” he said. “It was an optimistic play from our perspective and it’s played out well and been a nice addition to the range. It’s not mainstream. It’s small volume.”

Chevy SS Is Sadly Being Put Out To Pasture In 2017


But it appears its time in the sun has come to an end. And yet, while it’s sad that the car is on its way out, I can’t imagine there won’t be a continuing, enthusiastic community surrounding this car. Whether it’s through modding, restorations, or just general enthusiasm for the car in its stock form, I could see the Chevy SS becoming a cult classic along the lines of something like a Buick Grand National. If nothing else, here’s hoping GM dabbles in the Alpha platform again. And soon.

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