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Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are World’s Most Adorable BFFs! (VIDEO)

Dogs are generally regarded as man’s best friend. But, apparently, man isn’t the only best friend they’ve got.

In this video, a puppy and a cheetah cub are pretty much the world’s most adorable BFFs, as Koga the Dog and Kumbali the Cheetah formed a friendship out of unusual circumstances. In short, when Kumbali’s mother didn’t have enough milk for all three of her cubs, human handlers took him in to be “hand raised”. They began feeding him with a bottle, in addition to allowing him to sleep in an incubator. But he needed a companion to help with his overall motor skills. Enter Kago, a rescued Lab mix that was adopted from a pet rescue organization when he was 10 weeks old. To say they hit it off pretty quickly would be an understatement, as these two seem downright enamored with each other. I love it! Watch the adorable video below:

Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are the World's Most Adorable BFFs! (VIDEO)

I swear this could be a Disney movie! Move over, The Fox and the Hound!

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