Charlie Sheen Reveals on Today Show: ‘I Am, In Fact, HIV Positive’ (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen has officially come out with the truth about his health on The Today Show.

The actor revealed, in a live interview with Matt Lauer, “I am, in fact, HIV positive.”

In the interview, Sheen revealed that the diagnosis came four years ago, and while he still doesn’t know how he contracted the illness, he didn’t keep the truth from his inner circle. However, that didn’t stop the news from leaking. Hell, he even had people try to blackmail him over it. “My trust turned to their treason,” Sheen said, before going on to recount an incident in which he paid a prostitute, only for the woman to try and blackmail him by snapping a photo of his antiviral medication. And a lot of the blackmail attempts worked, apparently, with Sheen paying enough people “to bring it into the millions.” When asked if he’s still paying any of these people, Sheen confidently declared, “Not after today, I’m not.”

Sheen would go on to reveal that he’s been forward about his HIV status with all of his partners, and that he has not infected anyone with the virus. Sheen’s personal physician, Dr. Robert Huizenga, even appeared on the show to give a full perspective on the actor’s health, stating that Sheen is on a rigorous regiment of antiviral drugs that have essentially suppressed the virus completely. It’s far from a cure, but Dr. Huizenga noted that he’s more concerned about substance abuse problems — stemming from depression over the illness — shortening his patient’s life than anything else. For his part, Sheen stated he no longer does drugs, although he does still drink occasionally, prompting Lauer to straight-up tell Sheen that he needs to stop. It’s a really eye-opening interview, and you can watch the videos below:

Charlie Sheen Reveals on Today Show 'I Am, In Fact, HIV Positive' (VIDEO)

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