Charles Manson Dead At 83

Charles Manson – the mastermind of one of the worst murder sprees in American history – is dead. He was 83.

TMZ reported on Sunday that the sister of one of his victims got a call from Corcoran State Prison to tell her about the news. Other family members of his victims are also being contacted:

Source: TMZ

Source: TMZ

Debra Tate tells TMZ she received a call from the prison telling her Manson died 8:13 PM Sunday. We’re told the prison is contacting all of the victim’s families.

In 1969, a cult that Manson headed – the so-called “Manson Family” – brutally killed 5 people including actress Sharon Tate in Beverly Hills. The next day, the family killed an additional 2 people at random. Manson was serving 9 life sentences after his original death sentence was ruled unconstitutional.

Good riddance.

Press play to watch the video below.

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