MTV2 Reviving Claymation Series ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’

MTV2 has announced that they will be reviving the claymation celebrity wrestling parody series Celebrity Deatmatch, because everything old is new again.

The series began as a short on MTV’s Cartoon Sushi and was later used during the network’s Super Bowl XXXII halftime special.

Celebrity Deathmatch

Credit: MTV2

Celebrity Deathmatch ran for 75 episodes between 1998 and 2002 before receiving the death knell.

It was revived once again in 2005 before getting a second cancellation in 2007.

“After scoring our highest-rated quarter in history and continuing seven quarters of growth, MTV2 continues to outpunch its weight class,” MTV2 GM McCarthy said in a statement.

“From the anticipated return of Celebrity Deathmatch to new hit MTV2’s Joking Off and upcoming series with Tyga and Charlamagne, we’ll continue to deliver content that drives record viewership.”